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hired adj
1 having services engaged for a fee; "hired hands"; "a hired gun"
2 hired for the exclusive temporary use of a group of travelers; "a chartered plane"; "the chartered buses arrived on time" [syn: chartered, leased] [ant: unchartered]

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  1. past of hire

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"Hired" redirects here. For the term when entering employment see Recruitment
Hired! is a 1940 short film that was made by the Jam Handy production house for Chevrolet as a training film for sales managers. It was shown in two parts during Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes #423 ("Bride of the Monster") and #424 ("Manos: The Hands of Fate").


In the movie, Mr. Warren—a sales manager at a Chevrolet automobile dealership-is talking to his father about the men he hired. He complains that Jimmy and Henderson are not working out very well as salesmen. Warren's father tells him that he didn't do much better in the beginning when Harry hired him—that he made all kinds of mistakes. Warren remembers how closely Harry worked with him, and stressed to him the importance of prospects. His father asks if he has done that for the men working for him. Warren responds that he was too busy, and his father tells him that Harry wasn't too busy to help him out at first. Warren thought that Harry helped him because of Harry's friendship with his father, but his father says that Harry helped everyone who came to work for him.
Warren's father swats at insects while talking to his son, but these insects are not visible to the viewer. The father responds to the insect attack by taking a handkerchief from his pocket and draping it over his head. (In the MST3K version, Joel and the bots joke about him swatting at "flying elves".)
Warren realizes that he hasn't done a very good job of helping his men, and that for them to improve he will have to work closely with his staff. He begins working with each of his men much more closely than he had been—Jimmy in particular. Warren passes on the lessons he learned over the years, and soon finds that his men are doing much better selling cars.


At the end of the film, Warren presented the lessons he learned to the viewers:
  • "First — Hire good men and then see they are well trained on their own product and on competitive products."
  • "Second — Be sure they have all the equipment and selling helps they need, and know how to use them."
  • "Third — Help them plan their work to make the most effective use of their time."
  • "Fourth — Stay in close touch with every man. Know what each one is doing. Work with them."
  • "Fifth — Keep up their enthusiasm. Encourage every man every day."
Finally he tells viewers that those they hired need the help of their managers.

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